Capital Exchange

Capital Exchange

Debate #II: Whoever Wins Hearts and Minds Wins It All

October 15, 2012

Debate has long been an essential part of American politics. In 1858, Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas participated in a series of 7 debates in which one candidate spoke for 60 minutes, the other for 90 minutes, and the first speaker concluded the debate with a 30-minute rejoinder. 

The media coverage of these Lincoln-Douglas debates was just as intense then as the coverage of our current presidential debates is now – and many believe those debates set the stage for Abraham Lincoln's eventual presidential election. ...

Santorum’s Exit Perfect Timing for Romney

April 12, 2012

Rick Santorum’s exit from the GOP race could not come at a better time. With several important primary battles looming, frontrunner Mitt Romney was struggling to close the door on his rivals, and especially on Santorum. That meant heavy spending, especially in delegate-rich Pennsylvania, where the former senator was a serious competitor. With Santorum gone and Newt Gingrich disappearing faster than a Snow cone on a July afternoon, Romney...

Obama Loses Credibility over Debt Deal

March 19, 2012

Is it acceptable for the President of the United States to lie to the American people? In cases where the truth would undermine national security, absolutely. In cases where the truth undermines the president’s approval ratings, not so much.

Over the weekend, the Washington Post published a carefully reconstructed account of the failed debt ceiling negotiations that occurred last summer between House Speaker John Boehner and President...

Warren Buffett's High-Stakes Challenge to the GOP

January 12, 2012

Warren Buffett is using his sizable bankroll to call out Republicans on tax policy and the national debt. In the coming issue of Time magazine, the billionaire investor offers to match any voluntary contributions made by Republican members of Congress toward paying down the national debt – and to send triple the money sent in by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has a reported net worth of at least $10 million.

Buffett made...

Is The New York Times Obama's Publicity Agent?

December 22, 2011

It is unpleasant to close the year on a sour note. The wrangle over the short-term payroll tax-cut extension sums up this frustrating year: the policies being blocked by House Republicans are bad policies, but infuriated voters will blame them nonetheless for their intransigence.

The Senate and the President are pushing for a two-month “fix.” Do we seriously believe that at the end of the next two months Congress will be better positioned to...

Six Reasons Newt Gingrich Should Not Be President

December 9, 2011

Could Republicans please take a deep breath, and entertain a reality check?

Our country is in deep trouble, and we need to elect a new leader in 2012. First, as a party, we need to find a candidate that can send President Obama packing. That person must be able to convince the majority of Americans that he can generate consensus. After three years of bitter partisanship and confrontation we need someone who can fulfill Obama’s abandoned pledge to “reach across the...